Foods That Repel Bugs

When you live in an area with a lot of natural vegetation, you may find yourself getting bit by all kinds of bugs on a regular basis. If you’re tired of being itchy, you can make some dietary changes to help with controlling bug bites on your body. Let’s go over some of the different vegetables and fruits you can eat to make yourself a less delicious meal for insects.


Onions contain a very high concentration of insect-repelling compounds, including allicin, which is also found in chives as well as shallots and leeks. This compound is typically more effective for repelling ticks when the foods containing them are eaten raw, which won’t make you the most popular household member but it will keep you from getting bit by a plethora of bugs.


Bananas and their ability to keep ticks and insects from biting you has not been found conclusive scientifically, but the anecdotal evidence speaks for itself. The reasons why bananas seem to work to repel bugs may be due to their high potassium levels or a chemical found in bananas known as 3-octanol. Whatever the reason, consider adding bananas to your outdoor snack bag.

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Tomatoes are another food you may not have considered as good for residential tick control thornton residents require. They provide the body with thiamine, which in turn decreases insect’s attraction to you. You may also find relief from the irritation of bug bites by rubbing tomato juice on the site of the bite.

Onions, bananas, and tomatoes are all delicious foods that can help you prevent bug bites. Add them to your diet and you can see less itchy bug bites and spend more time enjoying the sun without worrying about insects getting in the way of your amazing day.